Dear shitheads (aka people that refuse to take mental illnesses seriously):
Before you go off “justifying your beliefs” I have 13 things to say to you

1. I hate you

I probably shouldn’t have started off with that let me start over

1. I still fucking hate you.

2. Just because your best friend doesn’t come to school for 9 days because she physically couldn’t get herself out of bed does not mean she has a sickness in the stomach. Just because she physically couldn’t move does not make this any less of a mental illness

3. Even if he’s gotten straight A’s his whole entire life, that does not mean that if you were to grade him on every single meal he eats every day that he would pass. To be quite honest he would actually get his first overall F because, even though he still tries on all his homework assignments, he has given up on touching the food on his plate before it’s even set in front of him.

4. When you see the perfectly alined cuts on her arms don’t you dare ignore them and leave them for the next person that’s in charge of her safety to deal with because there’s a high chance that the next person won’t do anything either. But that doesn’t really matter as long as she leaves before she slits her wrists so that you don’t have to clean up the mess right?

5. How can you tell your 8 year old daughter that tomorrow will be beautiful when she is so weak that death will not let her open her eyes to see it?

6. Even though this is a poem there is nothing beautiful about a disease that makes you want to kill yourself

7. When your boyfriend says that he wonders if bullets would taste as good as your lips he is not trying to be romantic. He is trying to get you to open your fucking eyes before he actually finds out whether bullets taste better or not

8. Just because he has friends, plays a sport, or is popular doesn’t mean that his brain can’t switch from happiness, to anger, to uncontrollable sadness in less than 24 hours

9. If your daughter learns how to add and subtract by the number of calories on the side of boxes you did something wrong

10. Don’t you dare tell that boy that he’s going to hell for wanting to kill himself. It is not his fault that god decided to give him the broken brain

11. Stop saying that this is their fault. This was never their fault. This was never the battle they wanted to choose to fight. This is never the battle you win or lose. This is the sniper that follows you around every single day waiting for the best shot and to them it doesn’t matter if 17 or 87 you are still the shot that they want to make, and the only way to survive is too keep moving.

12. When you can see all 12 pairs of her ribs you will finally be able to see the decay of her body that started at her mouth but it’s too late.

13. You know someone with a mental illness whether you’re aware of it or not. Some people fight from the outside while others fight from the inside. Either way they are dying and your jokes sure as hell aren’t saving any of their lives.


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"I didn’t need you, I picked you. And then you picked me back. And that’s like a promise."

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"My scars are healing, but I’m not."